Irány Pogányvölgy!


Gyugy is a small village, hiding in the Pagan-valley in Somogy county, 10 km away from Balatonboglár, with barely 300 inhabitants. The undulating village was once famous of its walnut forests, however, today it is rather known for its flowers and the monument church, built in the Árpád-age and housing the “Go to Gyugy to saint’s-day” event. The spectacles of the village also include the belfry and the piety park, constructed recently in the vicinity of the millennium park, the unique urn wall and graveyard of which is worth to visit. Going to the saint’s day in Gyugy has been a famous tradition. It has become one of the famous events in the region’s history that in the year when Turkeys were expelled, rainwater washed out a bell in Gyugy. Our ancestors took this extraordinary event as a phenomenon, and it has become a legend through time and history. As a result of the events Gyugy became a place of pilgrimage for a long time, until the starting of World War I. The visitors of the saint’s day feast are awaited with colourful programs: procession, holy mass, singing of folk songs, folk dance, folklore festival, theatre, open-air festivals and balls. The saint’s day festival is organized in Gyugy eight days before Pentecost every year.


Árpád-ages church

Even earlier, its parish church was known to be of a Medieval origin, however, the category “having monument characteristics” refer to the fact that its importance in terms of construction history had been supposed to be less significant. The building master created a unique building in the Roman age: we do not know any similar to this window, which is symmetric in two directions, and it is also hard to find any similar structures to those of the Southern gate. However, the storms of history did not spare this small church either. The invasion of the Tartars and the Turkish troops resulted in almost fatal destruction. The settlement, which was established when Hungarians came to the area and which was situated around the church, was completely destroyed in the Turkish invasion. The ancient building, reconstructed in its old condition in the Millennium Park, is today one of the gems of not only South-Balaton but also Somogy county. A few years ago, the ’walk of memories’ called the ’Stars of our nation’ leading to the church was built with the help of a LEADER tender, and the village can also be proud of its mayor, who is one of the eldest mayors in the country.