Irány Pogányvölgy!


The village is situated in the North of Somogy county, 18 km away from the Balaton. Its relatively young history began in the last century when the Inkey family called here German settlers in 1828. The estates of the family, situated here, were bought by the Zichy family in 1860, who remained the rulers of the region until the beginning of the 20th century. Two religions are exercised in the settlement: catholic and evangelic. The village, surrounded by forests, lies in a valley that is protected by the wavy combs running throughout the land. The forest, comprising acacia, oak and pine is a favoured home for deer, roe and boar, and so there are two hunting parties operating in the area.



Béndek was already a village in the Middle ages, and is mentioned as Bennek in the first written document – the tithe list of the pope in 1332-37 – as a settlement having a parish. In Béndek-puszta (Béndek-barren), abandoned today, there is a ruin of a Medieval church, that can be approached on foot in the beautiful natural environment. Until the privatization, when plantations were cut out, it was the proud owner of the biggest continuous walnut and hazelnut plantation in Europe.


Catholic church

Catholics living in Hács belonged to the parish in Lengyeltóti until 1907. The community became a parish in Hách formally and canonically in 1907 as the affiliate of the parish in Lengyeltóti. Catholics built a church with joint efforts between 1950 and 1957. It was consecrated in autumn 1953, however, construction was finished completely only by November 1957.


Lutheran church

The small church that can be found today in Hács was built on basis of the plans by architect Ernő Takács, a brethren from Fonyód; the church has a Hungarian-style tower, a frontispiece and entrance resembling village houses, and a simple wall structure. The church was consecrated on 18 October 1936 by bishop Béla D. Kapi.



Gradually, it is becoming a vacation area where weekend houses are lining up. The fishpond and the fishing lake situated in the village attract fishermen from the neighbourhood and also people who long for a quiet, beautiful environment and fresh air.


Joseph-hill cellars



The cellars and vineyards of the farmers from Hács and its vicinity, situated on the József-hegy (Joseph-hill) and Harsányi-hegy (Harsányi-hill) await the guests.