Irány Pogányvölgy!


Kisberény lies in the Northern part of Somogy county, 15 km away from the Balaton to the South, in the valley of the Pogány river. Its name was first mentioned in the papal tithe list made in 1332-37. The thick forest, surrounding the little village that is hiding in the valley, is so close to the houses that the garden edges meet the forest. Characteristic trees are here the acacia, favoured by beekeepers, and oak and Turkey oak which grow well on the mild hills and in the protected valleys. The specialty of the landscape is the carpet of snowdrops which cover the hills in spring when the snow melts. Almost all species of the big game living in Somogy county can be found here in the forests. The community house of the Integrated Community and Service Space provides a community space to not only local people but also tourists, visiting the area in growing numbers, and also to future inhabitants moving here.


Csodaszarvas völgye (Valley of the Wonder Stag)

A young man, known for his skills in folk dance, bought an estate in the valley next to the village a few years ago with his friends, and started to build an accommodation in the style used by Hungarians when they settled in the area. The young man did this without any special advertising, and using only his own sources, trusting in the power of his soul. People come here from the near coast of Balaton and also from distant lands. Other present inhabitants of Somogy, even more famous ones, also return to the thousand-year old culture. The Valley extends on 13 hectares, is bordered by acacia trees, which are followed by the actual forest. Endless peace, fresh air, wonderful environment. It would have been a great place, indeed, for our ancestors to live here, and if we look around now, we are sure that they actually did. People coming here suddenly feel like sleeping in a yurt, drink fresh air from a bucket and ride a horse.