Irány Pogányvölgy!


Its name is of Avar origin. Its vineyards were also loved by our kings from the Árpád family. Györk (Körk) means an Avar ring castle or earth castle. In documents, it is first mentioned in 1327 under the name of Gereg. The area which was owned by the Újlaki family became the property of the Jankovich family in 1642, after the Turkish invasion. It received the rank of a country town in 1778. It was able to sell its crop and vine even in distant areas; however, its craftsmanship was also developed. Banyászó-hegy is one of the best vine areas in the South-Balaton region even today. In the direction of the Gamási-hát the town is surrounded by great forests, and therefore the land is also rich in wild animals. In addition to the 18th century baroque church the heroic act of the village, performed in 1848 against the troops of Jellasics, is also gladly mentioned. The memory of Géza Gárdonyi is preserved in the village due to his mother. The cultural centre (Integrated Community and Service Space), renovated in recent years, also wears his name. It is definitely worth to visit the arboretum of the castle park because its special trees are worthy of our interest. The coast of the Balaton is only 9 km away; we can reach it even on foot.


The Roman Catholic Church

The church was built in baroque style in 1782. The village is inhabited almost fully by Catholics. The traditional saint’s day festival is held on 8 September.